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♥혁수민 `keep your heart saturated
18 December 2007 @ 03:39 pm
OHMY GOD. i saw hoonie yesterday. here's an account with VERY TINSY INSY PICTURES cause...:

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♥혁수민 `keep your heart saturated
15 May 2007 @ 09:47 am

well, hello!
{this black and white world}

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Hello everyone :) My name is Victoria, and im usually called Vicky.

I've been using the online name 'vicvickyrox' since i've been active online. 
I'm currently 17 going on 18 and taking up a diploma in Creative Writing for Television and New media in Singapore Polytechnic.

I am short, i love shoes and bags and food! I might appear silent and scary to people who dont know me, but im quite talkative to close friends ^^

I have a fetish for anything cute and wooden, especially wooden pens! XD
I am a Singaporean, and i have been living in the west for most of my life... i rarely go to the east actually...

I love shopping online... ever since i've bought my first item online, most of my clothes are bought online...XD

I have been in the kpop fandom since 2006. I listen to mainly mainstream Kpop, and my main fandoms are DBSK, Super Junior, SHINee and 2PM. I also listen to artistes like Big Bang, Wonder Girls, SNSD, Epik High, 2AM, Eun Jiwon, SS501, Shinhwa, Fly to the Sky, Ft Island, Clazziquai, Lee Hyori and lots more :) 

I go nuts over OTPs! i love pairings like Yoosu, Onkey, Hyuksu, Blohyuk, Boscolie, Soeulmates and more.

Also, i have been watching hong kong dramas since young and im still watching them now :D
I have my own personal site, which is also my photoblog.

There is also my graphics portfolio...and my graphics&media comm i share with my twin sister. 

Our online shop is currently undergoing a new look and i have helped to do websites like my grandma's cross stitch shop and my mum's friend's online bakery shop.

I also mod various LJ comms like dbsjaday, wejustmarried, hyuk_su and my own writing comm

twitter last.fm plurk blog i share with friends
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